Trend this spring-summer is again pleats

Pleated clothes visually show that you have some extra kilogram and because of that, be careful when you choose this fabric. Fashionable girls that are not very tall should choose length until the ankles and wear shoes with high heels. Girls with large hips, that have “pear” shaped body, should choose skirts from the waist with pleating or pleated starting from the hip. If the pleated skirt is colorful, for the upper part, you can choose clothes in one color. If the skirt is neutral and monotone, you can choose colorful upper part. Pleats you can wear to work, walk, or and evening out.

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Women’s Collection Outfits Ceremonies in Nigeria

We believe this is a big deal as you want to look at your very best when getting introduced to your husband’s family. Although there are no rules to what to wear and what not to wear, but we also know that most cultures in Nigerian expect the bride-to-be should be appropriately dressed.

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