mishono ya vitambaa dresses 2017 2018

There is this perception that monochrome has to deal with only black and white but I’m here to share with you that the word “Monochrome” has to do with all shades or tints of a particular colour. As an aspiring fashion pro, you need to be able bring out the groove in whatever style, trend or color as the case may be. I know styling in a particular colour all through can be difficult because you are probably wondering how different shades of a particular color can combine so well to give a beautiful outfit but the fun of it is these different shades. Not to worry…here are some inspirational monochrome styles that will make you look like a fashion pro.

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The popular Nigerian aso ebi for 2017 2018

ihave no doubt your weekend was fine. Although some would have had it very busy, as per, going from one party to another and enjoying life to the fullest. Mine was not an exception. As a lady with great interest in fashion, I find it pleasing to introduce some aso ebi styles which are making waves presently; talking about the amazing ways ladies are rocking the popular Nigerian aso ebi.

Here are some ways updated chics are rocking their aso ebi styles;

This looks pretty cool on chics as it enhances or brings up more confidence in a lady. It could equally make the wearer appear more daring; what a man can do, a woman can do better #winks#.

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the Bomber Jacket ready for african women

Originally created for the military the bomber jacket was used by pilots to keep them sufficiently warmed up during a flight, somewhere within the 70’s this jacket caught the attention of some certain group of people and the rest is history. The inspiration to write about the bomber jacket came from the heavy down pour that occurred yesterday signalling the raining season is fast approaching. This change in climate condition simple means its time to get our sweaters, cardigans, college jackets, blazers and of course, the most valuable (at this period) the Bomber Jacket ready.

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Model inspiration mishono ya vitenge mipya

Over the past few years the side-striped trousers have made their way in and out of the fashion spotlight, but that has changed once again due to the grown up athleisure inspired outfits that is hitting the market. This comes as a result of several sittings on the ss16 runway and if you are a fashion enthusiast then you know this is the right time to get a pair or two. The Side striped trousers would must certainly be a comfortable way to make a statement.

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the latest nigerian kitenge dress trends

It’s the middle of the month and payday isn’t around the corner yet to get the latest trends. You probably want to rock some fresh and new outfits but that just seems impossible this time of the month and you still don’t want to go on with the same set of outfits. This just shows how stylish and fashionable you are but as a stylish fashionista, refreshing your wardrobe is a must-do act. The perfect solution? Make do with the one you have, recreate, remodel, refresh, accessorize and revamp your wardrobe. Now I know you are probably wondering how that’s possible. We’ve gathered some tips on how to refresh your wardrobe without buying a thing, keep scrolling…..
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