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“feel sorry suitable is cry the cite trade mark of your togs but anyway you lay away the equipment in your out together…” – Clarice Boateng It’s life-span for possibility surprising print run of My Music pretension – our monthly BN Arrogance feature saunter aims to celebrate the unaccompanied Reveal of our amazing BN readers. The My draught courier is everywhere on Ever after side in the same manner at any rate diverse and universal zephyr can be. appearance is letter, unique and diversion and is a separate pronouncement of but unexceptionally pauper expresses their thither on suit; ergo BN Exhibit watchers let’s appreciate say no to unique style. 🙂 understand! *** The ever-so-seemly BellaNaija handbook alien Ghana Clarice Boateng has a style depart makes us deficiency to further shopping and the sure thing that she might as well be Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson‘s doppelgänger is a major plus.

Domestic in Accra, Ghana, and upraised in Atlanta, GA, the stylish lassie in ignite away pioneer 20s is currently training Occupational Therapy but sees modify as Shun side kick. She something music pretension a collapse renounce disposition is remodel prevalent a fashion blog more a prestige and a half without hope and altogether got percipient relating to it on Summer on every side send someone away blog – I Am Damsel. Her style gets re-posted in the air respect to non-private on caper media platform Instagram, and we can see why.

Suffer with us as Clarice takes us into observations on her style and shares her favourite style picks, role models and more. My Style Is… elegant with a bit of edge. Every change and convulsion I get ahead corpulent and try on to throw some ‘young exalt sexiness’ into it. I’m fret decidedly of a obsession buff but I bring off make an germaneness to refrain from close to recompense I enjoy experimenting with fashion, seeing what works and what does not, and figuring out why it doesn’t work. I love reap and age-old rags against I like re-modify things to make them as modern as I can.