stylish wear Ankara and Beautiful for 2018

Hey ladies, more on Ankara trend, we have for you Fab and stylish Ankara styles that you can indulge in even as a big girl. Ankara can be worn by all,and it doesn’t pick, as long you have a good tailor, a beautiful material and we here at Fashion Police who can be your style source of inspiration, your fashion could not go wrong. Back in time, Ankara was only seen and worn as native or traditional attires, but now it has been globally recognized and a fashion to reckon with. Mixed and worn  as corporate or formal wears, mixed with plain formal wears, or even further incorporated into crafts, bags, shoes, wallets, you name it.

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inspiration for aso ebi style looks for wedding

Usually at weddings, we are amazed by the intricate detailing on the outfit and color mix and match that is displayed everywhere! In fact there are many occasions where I went to a wedding just to see the asoebi display (don’t judge me o).
From the mother of the bride to friends, family and well wishers, everyone is looking dapper! I know you’d want to be one of the glam guests at the wedding so we prepared this just for you.

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African Traditional Wedding Dresses Pictures

Tying of wrapper can either be over a blouse, buba; it’s evolved over time from the times of our parents to new knot styles of today. Here are some ways to wrap it up in your native wear. Just to be clear, can be styled through chiffon, judge, Aso ebi, Ankara. It’s evolved over time.

We have the front double-wrap, to tie this, simply bring the two end of your wrapper to the front and interlock it twice. This will form the high-low effect leaving a little space or an overlapping effect in front, depending on how really tight you tie it.When tying wrappers, always rock them with fab heels or a pretty high wedge. And you sure as fine good to go.

African fashion week Nigeria shows us a little more on this trend and have even put out a competition which seems like fun. So ladies getting set for a wedding, why not tie that wrapper, now it’s twice the fun, as you look stylish and could win beautiful pieces while wearing this trend from AFWN. Just an observation.

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African styles on instagram over the weekend

Todays’ trend we noticed and think it’s simply fab, also one we would like to replicate and you might want to try out too is the diagonally off shoulder train style. It is not completely an off shoulder, does not have a hand but works perfectly well with its shoulder train at the back, some have a train, while some don’t, both fashion styles still unique and  finished into a long ball. It has simply become one a style to be copied and you are sure to definitely stand out with the right material.

Here are a few ladies who rocked this style elegantly and are our style inspiration this week. So if you think you love this styles and can do justice with your fabric, do send us your pictures and comment on your favorites below too.

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African lace and ankara asoebi styles

And a host of other amazing styles that we hope you guys would love and challenge your tailors to sew for you. Asoebi Meaning : For those of you non-Nigerian readers, Asoebi ebi is a compound word from the Yoruba language(South-West of Nigeria). Aso means cloth while ebi means family and together Asoebi means family cloth. During events in Nigeria(most especially weddings), the bride and groom prefers to showcase there sense of fashion by wearing a predetermined fabric or fashion piece to allow for uniformity and distinction on the wedding day. Whilst the bride picks her own fashion fabric, the groom also picks his. Families and friends of individual parties wear the same fabric however with different fashion styles known s the asoebi styles. Continue reading “African lace and ankara asoebi styles”