So in the work of my travels (last 18 months) I built a choice of African brands from countries I visited (South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda & Tanzania) so I started the campaign with my own clothes but mid in to this, designers started writing, requesting that I feature their brands in my campaign.

Lots of people ask me this. Truth be told, I dress like most normal people do, for my mood & what the day has in store for me – so more casual looks over the weekends & dressier work looks at the beginning of the week. My partner took my pics every day – & my team updated socials every day – monitoring feedback & recording it for tallying later. This was important to permit new looks from designers & to stay engaged throughout the campaign.

e commerce platforms, concession stores & boutiques as well trunk shows around fashion events are all useful strategies that they can start to explore more purposefully. I’d say promotion ought to be prioritized to make platforms more visible.The continent already has amazing platforms selling African brands – Sapelle, Kisua, My Asho, Spree, Moonlook – they need to push more awareness of the new collections & these sites.

I recently started my Fashion PR consultancy here in Nairobi to represent fashion brands & labels looking to come in to Kenya, so I was raring to go to generate awareness of brands from other parts of Africa. I needed to know what type of looks/brands consumers were likely to have an interest in purchasing, the favorable cost points as well as shift attitude & get followers to go beyond liking pics & make inquiries to buy. I figured if I wore so lots of “branded” looks it would help raise an appreciation of owning African designer made products.