Amazing Acrylic Nail Designs 2015


Apply base coat and base colour of white.
Then take each separate nail polish colour and paint a twisted line across your nails e.g. blue at the tip, then green, then yellow, then red so you finish up with a rainbow effect. Leave to dry.
Don�t worry if the lines aren�t anywhere near ideal, because when you apply the next step, they�ll look nicely blended.
Apply the glitter nail polish over the rainbow section of each nail.
And that gives you bright and cheerful rainbow nails!
Part two � Adding the M & M sweets

In the event you need to add more to this design, take the acrylic liquid and powder and use them to place tiny, round balls in red, green, blue and yellow onto the rainbow section of each nail.

Then with a fine brush, you can mark the 3-D shapes with an M, to make them in to small, M & M sweets.

Sweets M&M�s & Rainbow Tips � Tremendous Simple Acrylic 3D Nail Art Designs

It�s a cute and playful look that will brighten up the atmosphere wherever you go!

two) Black Lace on White & Black and Pearl 3-Dimensional Look

It�s a glamorous look, but as it�s shown here in black and white shades, it will match with all of your outfits.

This video shows a highly original and classy black and white acrylic nail design that�s not difficult to copy at home.

And that�s not all, because another feature nail is white with black jet beads and small, ultra-modern, iridescent seed pearls added for a fabulous 3-dimensional effect!

The manicured nails are mixed between traditional French Manicured acrylics, with nails painted with white nail polish and decorated with , black lace on top.

Here�s a fabulous gallery of nail designs to inspire you in your nail art hobby or to show your manicurist what you need her to do on your nails.

three) Artistic Acrylic Nail Designs � Special Occasion Styles

They are complicated, but so beautiful I had to include them in today�s weblog. In the event you like flowers and elaborate designs, you�ll absolutely love these nail designs!