Christmas gift ideas – Easy DIY projects for every taste

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving.. not only material presents but love, respect and warm feelings. You don�t have to buy expensive gifts for your loving people. They would also appreciate a small gift, that has been made with a lot of love and by your hands. Therefore, we are offering you 10 easy projects and homemade Christmas gift ideas that are small but will have a great impact.

You require some cheap supplies, a tiny time for crafting as well as a tiny bit of Christmas spirit. A cupcake, a bottle of champagne, gold wrapped chocolate candies � all of them could become small Christmas messengers of your love & appreciation.

Moreover, they will suit every taste � mini christmas trees for the wine connoisseur & chocolate lovers, a christmas flower arrangement for a hostess, a sentimental tree ornament for your sweetheart, an embellished clothes hanger for a fashionista, a small decorative ornament for the child room as well as a young relatives & so on� Have a glance at these great inspirations & get in a artful X-Mas mood!