Cute Nail Designs for Your Kids’ Birthday Party

Most parents will prepare a birthday celebration, giant cake, scrumptious food and gifts for their kidâ��s birthday. Have you ever imagined giving their nails a birthday look? I bet the children would feel surprised with such a gift like this. Today, letâ��s have a glance at  lovely nail designs for your kidsâ�� birthday celebration with a gallery of pics below!

These special designs would definitely make your children stand out in the crowd for their colors. To young girls, the lovely Pink heart and dot nails some embellished with gemstones may be much preferred.

There�re also cakes, balloons and colorful ribbons on the kids� birthday nail designs and they will love them much. You can also paint the classic picture like Hello Kitty, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell as well as his age number on their nails.