Hairstyles for African American Women 2015

The above mentioned were a number of the fashionable short styles for African American ladies. The short hairdos are simple to generate & can make you outstanding & attractive. The pixie cut is also stylish. In case you bear straight hair & you need to discover a short style for your round face, the short pixie style can be your ideal option. The wispy layering can crate more volume to your crown. Such style is simple to generate & manage. To generate it, cut the back hair shorter & keep the side hair slightly longer. cut the hair at the back & near the neck short. Pair it with some sweeping short bangs which can make the hairdo more charming.

Short Mohawk Hairstyles
Mohawk hairstyles are bold looking haircuts, & there’s lots of variations of the hairstyles. An simple Mohawk hairstyle can be effortless to care & style. But in case you desire to increase a few bangs or spikes, you will need spending several minutes to wet hair to style them.
Pixie Haircuts

Braided Hairstyles
Braided Afro is also icy to try out. Pair your Afro hairdo with several braids. Add several braids that stretch from the brow to the sides or to the head centre. Twist the braids or set then in to different kinds in order to add more charm & style to the hairdo.

Short Fake Hawk Hairstyles
Fake Hawk looks icy & special. It works greatly on straight hair. To generate a fake hawk, get the side hair in to short crops, & the middle part slightly longer.

Bob style that is icy & it works greatly on all kinds of hair, no matter it is curly, straight or wavy. There’s lots of style choices; you can opt for the curly bobs, layered bobs or choppy bob styles. For the curly hair, the graduated bob style will be ideal. For graduated bob haircut, the hair at the nape of neck is cut shorter & the hair at the sides of the face is kept longer. Wavy bob hairstyle with splendid curls or ringlets can frame your face ideally.

Would you like to generate a new style? In case you are fed up together with your usual long hair & you do not have much time to generate & manage it, you can try out the short styles which can also enhance your charm & is simple to generate. There’s a huge number of short hairstyles for you to pick.