Halloween makeup inspirations for women

How to make homemade fake blood? You can mix maple syrup, powdered chocolate, water & red food coloring. Do not forget the nails! Paint in shades of aubergine & burgundy. You can try to get grey hair with a special ink or hairspray, but they recommend you a ready-made wig.

Makeup & styling for hangman. Silvery-gray eye makeup & deliberately blurred from a dropped tear.
Halloween makeup inspirations � White, cracked skin like mummies or ghosts from the underworld. This look can try to get this look at home by using body paints.
This pattern is a bit more time-consuming & it is for people with artistic abilities. Pay attention to the highlights, shadows & mid-tones which will make your makeup realistic. In case you are a fan of body painting then you can paint your neckline as well.

Vampires have a pale face so you need white face powder. Apply gently red eyeshadow on your upper eyelid while you highlight the lower eyelid. Paint eyebrows with black pencil & make matchless moles above the lip & on the cheek. Apply a lipstick in raspberry shade. You can imitate dripping blood with a special cosmetics or plenty of blood-red lip gloss.

highlight the eyebrows with black pencil, draw a shape like a bat�s wing on the eyelid & along the mouth corners & cut it in short stripes to accomplish the effect of �a sewn mouth�.

You need an awesome makeup for Halloween? Depending on your costume choice you can paint your face like a vampire, a devil or a skeleton. How to do it? They present you a gallery of 13 great Halloween makeup inspirations & ideas for ladies.