Trendy Short Haircuts for 2015

Blunt cutting is taking over from the ubiquitous tapered tips, at least for ladies with fine to medium textured hair! The choppy, layered bob has moved up the pecking order to be of the must-have best short haircuts! For 2015 bobs, the layers & fringe will be blunt cut across the hair to make the ends look as bulky as feasible & �thicken� the look of the fine & medium hair.
The bob cut is changing quickly & the best short haircuts for 2015 feature several new twists on the short bob to keep your picture fresh & contemporary!

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Pretty Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

new type of bob that I think will come out on top is the curly bob. It�s a medium-short bob neatly graduated in to the nape in a horizontal line, with layers and light curls around the head. Apart from the fact that it�s a bob that suits all faces and ages, it�s also highly recommended for ladies with fine or narrow hair.

Another of the best bob hairstyles for 2015 � that�s ideal for adding oomph to fine hair � is the lovely stacked bob, angled down to longer lengths below the chin and topped-off with a stunning balayage-ombré highlight technique!
For a long bob that will alsobe of the best bob hairstyles for 2015, try a casual face-contouring bob. Layers in the slightly waved sides and back are beautifully defined by some cleverly applied balayage/ombré.

And I could go on and on . . . But better than that, why don�t you browse our fab Inspiration Gallery now and find your best bob hairstyles for 2015!

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Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Try a stylish long fringe cut to sweep across the face from an asymmetrical side parting. By choosing an asymmetrical parting, you will break up the narrow symmetry of a long face & make of the focal points draw the eye outwards, giving the impression of a wider face.
Amongst the latest trends, you have a amazing choice of suitable styles including the short bob cuts & the popular pixie cut. The short shag is definitely of the winners in this year�s popularity stakes & it�s ideal for adding side volume with a stylish, short hairstyle for a long face.

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Hello there do-it-yourself lovers! Have you been impatiently waiting for our new do-it-yourself crafts? Well, they are here, check out the pics below, find your inspiration & get down to work. In this post you can take a glance at 16 FANTASTIC AND COLORFUL do-it-yourself BRACELETS. The step-by-step tutorials are going to show you how to make them in no time. The distinctive do-it-yourself bracelets tutorials are going to help you get prepared to rock your wrists.


Amazing Watch Storage Diy Ideas

Hey Divas, I have 13 Incredible Watch Storage Ideas for you today. I couldn�t find my golden watch yesterday and that is because I don�t have a special place to put them. They are all around my house. I desired to solve that issue as soon as feasible, so I decided to make a collection of watch holders that will help us to organize our things better. Find the best for you and solve your issues. Enjoy and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

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