The best ways to stop sweaty armpits

Although it is one of the things our body does to help us, no one likes sweaty armpits, especially their smell. When our body heats up – from exercise, stress, weather, etc., our skin sweats to cool the body down and prevents overheating.

Did you know that females between the age of 18-34 are particularly affected by underarm sweat? 77% of U.S. women are embarrassed by it. There are also some social implications on sweaty armpits – some women feel self-conscious and limited when meeting new people, some feel unattractive and even depressed as a result of their condition.

Excessive armpit sweating is a common disorder. You are not alone or abnormal!  Controlling and preventing armpit sweat is important to social life, comfort and your hygiene. Luckily, there are some ways to minimize or prevent this condition


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