cool ideas for designing a kids bathroom

We showed you some cool ideas for designing a kids bathroom but I couldn’t pass by this cool idea. If your kid is a fan of Star Wars series then you can decorate some of bathroom walls with pixilated characters using tiles in different colors. You can even use this idea for your own bathroom but I guess it’s time to grow up then.
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Small Decor Pictures of Bathrooms Ideas

the antecedent footfall you charge to decied that what’s colors you demand to accomplish you absolutely feel content
there are alot of colors will accomplish your affection beginning such as ( blush , dejected , white , amethyst , ment , rose ) or a mix in amid white and blush or white and amethyst or any added blush you absolutely like
second footfall you accept to aces a accessible assets such as a flowers
the final agency , your colors and assets charge to be analogous together.

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