Intertwined French Braid Styled Ponytail

Why settle for just a single french braid when you can intertwine it with another cute braid style? This exotic yet incredibly classy and fab hairstyle starts off with a small braid at the front, looping back to the ponytail and continuing all the way to the tips of the hair. It’s intertwined with a super loose and messy fishtail braid for a sexy hairstyle that’s perfect for a party.
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Black African Braid Hair Styles for 2016

The most awesome thing about braids is that apart from their classy looks you can shape and style them in any pattern or shape that you want. This is what is done in this haircut as well. All your hairs are turned into braids right from the roots and forming some pattern. The most common style is that these tiny braids are folded right at crown to form flower type shapes.
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