Banana apple bread with caramel sauce and pecans

The apple saga continues: there�s been way plenty of apples around my house lately. I�ve been trying to put them to nice use by making apple muffins and apple pumpkin breads, baking apple cobblers and apple crisps. I even started eating an apple a day. And, yet, I don�t appear to make a dent in a immense stash of apples I have accumulated (mostly thanks to my mother-in-law and her apple tree which did not get attacked by a herd of elks this year � last year the elks ate all the apples, so I didn�t have the �apple� issue). I am drowning in apples, so it only makes sense that I made this banana apple bread, and dressed it up by topping it with a scrumptious caramel sauce and finely chopped pecans!

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