The curvy and curly closet 2016

This challenge brings together fashion bloggers + French size around a theme. Every 16th of the month, participating bloggers focus on their blog an outfit inspired by the theme chosen by Vanoue organizer. This is an opportunity for each of them to try out a look they would never be tempted and also for those who look looks to see that we can be round and have of style.
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Wedding Gowns For Curvy Girls

Some folks use the term “plus-size”. Others go with “full-figured”. And then there’s the one that’s in the title of this feature: “curvy girl”. But if there’s one thing that all of these words have in common, it’s the fact that when you’re this type of woman, you are nothing short of voluptuous. And that can make you the prime candidate for looking nothing less than amazing and sexy in your bridal gown.
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