Fitted Maxi Skirt Style 2015

Hard to tell taking a look at me, but at time in my life dresses and skirts were repulsive to me! My poor sister was at her wits ends as her and only daughter insisted in dressing like a tomboy. I recall one time, my dad drove past me not realizing that the figure in baggy pants, oversize sweatshirt and beanie hat was his daughter. The long maxi skirts are back in fashion and I am giddy with delight as this was the style that transitioned me from the tomboy style to the feminine style.
Nairobi is awash with these long fitted skirts as well as the midi versions. I like the neon and printed versions of these skirts. I finally went against my no shopping for clothes for 6 months rule to get pairs in neon hues. I like how these skirts provide full coverage while still showcasing the curves they so love to flaunt 🙂

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