Christmas Ornament Tutorials holiday gift

Christmas is just around the corner, so if you need some inspiration to dress up your Christmas tree I have gathered some top easy and creative DIY Christmas ornaments that will help your tree sparkle and shine. You will be surprised by how many fun things can be used to craft wonderful ornaments.
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DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas and decorations

Christmas is coming! The season for ornaments and decorations is coming! Skip the store-bought decor this year, you can make your own ornaments to hang on your tree or give to friends as a holiday gift with some supplies from the dollar stores together with a little patience and effort.
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Homemade christmas ornament pillow

If you want to be more creative this year, and you still want your Christmas tree to be unique, then we are offering one fun and easy solution for you. You can always have more fun just by yourself or with your kids or your friends, while personalizing your Christmas tree. Personalize your Christmas tree with these DIY fun and easy ornaments that you make with your friends or family.
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Amazing Christmas Tradition: Salt Dough Ornament 2016

One thing I looked forward to after learning I was pregnant right before Christmas last year was celebrating the holidays with a tiny. Friends have told me that Christmas is a lot more special one time you have a kid, & now I can see where they�re coming from.
With the holidays comes traditions, & I�m looking forward to continuing holiday traditions from when I was tiny & new generating ones with Owen.

relatives custom I plan to continue with Owen involves my white ceramic Christmas tree. My late Aunt Patricia made a tree for both my brother & I when they were tiny. My mom used to put them in our bedrooms at Christmastime. Needless to say, it�s of my most treasured possessions.

Since Owen isn�t sleeping in his own bedroom yet, the tree will assume its usual position on our entryway table, but next year I intend on displaying it in his room. I hope this tree will be passed on for multiple generations to enjoy.

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