Women Street Style Pencil Skirt Trend

There are gorgeous and voguish designs that are great for teaming with semi-sheer blouses, crop tops, chambray shirts and simple tank tops. I think you have already noticed, these bottoms can be worn at work, for cocktail parties, as well as in the weekends, trips and pretty much anywhere. There are so many different designs and colors to choose from, starting from classic black and greys to bright yellow, blue and color-blocking, plus we see gorgeous prints, sequins and stone embellishments. You might say: There are so many different designs and colors. It’s hard to choose the best one.

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Summer outfit with pencil skirt 2015

At the finish of July, as most of Spain had switched in to summer holiday mode, news spread that Paule Ka’s founder & artistic director, Serge Cajfinger, had departed his brand to pursue personal projects. If it is true that they still had a hand in the Spring collection, his disengagement came through. The main message consisted of rings of raffia fringe, applied to summer-weight trapeze coats, a truncated pencil skirt, a sleeveless blouse, a clutch, & so forth. It offered textural novelty despite its repetition.

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