Latest Shweshwe fashion trends Pictures

Africa Fashion week African country could be an amusing action that has a belvedere to recommendation advance Nigerian and makes through common visibility. The continent look day African country 2018  assured bygone and concerning fifty designers showcased their items for book lovers from everywhere continent. Here are some
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Aso ebi styles Wedding Dresses Pictures

Fashion in Nigeria basically comprises of the aso ebi and the Ankara appearance which is majorly for uniformity. In this part of the world, it is almost illegal not to have a party, and as you all know, where there is a party; fabulous styles will surely follow.

That’s why today we are dishing out these Thursday Aso ebi styles for your views only but also to show off your individuality. These Aso ebi styles will certainly take your breath away, we like the styles, designs and most important the beautiful women putting them on.
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ankara embellished turban in pictures for you

Turbans are a season’s must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. They are custom made and beautifully designed to give elegance with any outfit (either dressed down and for any occasion). The velvet fabric which is mostly used for the turban is soft on the head and perfect for day to day use.

It was a love at first sight for me with the embellished turban and I think it’s because it is one great accessory that can finish a whole look. The artistry of the embellished turbans is very important, with wearers skillfully arranging them into eye-catching, if not flamboyant styles.
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Nigeria gele styles in pictures for women

It’s not quite clear where the custom originated in Africa, but a gele is a cultural must-have accessory across Africa, particularly in Nigeria where it is called a gele. With a resurgence in African pride in recent years, the head wrap has become stylish among African communities across the world.
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