traditional Fashion Style Spring/Summer Collection

The AVE brand lunched in May 2011 and has since grown in leaps and bounds to become one of fastest emerging brands in Nigeria and the world. The Ave’s style and designs can be described as Afro-European due to the mix in cultures and style, all this is due to the Cross-cultural experience of the creative director.
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Trend this spring-summer is again pleats

Pleated clothes visually show that you have some extra kilogram and because of that, be careful when you choose this fabric. Fashionable girls that are not very tall should choose length until the ankles and wear shoes with high heels. Girls with large hips, that have “pear” shaped body, should choose skirts from the waist with pleating or pleated starting from the hip. If the pleated skirt is colorful, for the upper part, you can choose clothes in one color. If the skirt is neutral and monotone, you can choose colorful upper part. Pleats you can wear to work, walk, or and evening out.

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beautiful fabrics collection Spring/Summer 2016

Splatters of extra glittery Swarovski embellishments lavishly adorned on lush liquid gold laces, and pearls, generously stitched to the bodice of the dresses, fragile gold discs intricately inserted in pristine white lace and more pearls and even more crystals utterly stitched to the solid blue piece pieces.

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spring/summer African clothing designs

Dallas was the melting pot for folks from the Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria and several other countries that participated in the 2015 edition of the Dallas International Fashion show hosted by the City of Dallas and Fashionable Africa Journal. The venue of choice was the Jupiter Gardens event middle which was immaculately decorated by Royal Events Consult and Wale Laja-Akintayo. The 2015 edition is the 3rd in the series of annual fashion shows by the organizers. The Females s appreciation (TAMMAE) segment is the 5th in the annual series. Mrs Dayo Keshi, Ann Marie-Weiss-Armush and Jane Ekwonye received recognition awards.

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