Vivi & Oli-Baby Fashion Life: Vivi&Oli & Minimu (konkurs

The pics speaking for itself� a small bit magic, a small bit nostalgia and a whole lot �to keep forever�. The kind of dress that brings back memories and looks attractive on any occasion!

Elze and Vaida. A photographer and a fashion creative. Friends forever and now also the brain childs of this young brand. I did not read their status before I looked at the pics and products but it is exactly what I felt:

�Our fresh yet promising brand Son de flor was born from longing for something stunning and obvious. Something that needs no promotion nor arguing its� value. Something over fashion. Something fragile, feminine and strong simultaneously. Something lasting. Relieving. Looking right with high-heels as well as sandals or sporty sneakers! Plenty of faces, yet all carrying stunning sound. The sound of flowers.�
All dresses are produced in a small sewing house based in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania. Thoroughly hand-made and all the parties involved in the production processes are rewarded. The fabrics come from Lithuanian and French producers with fair trade and Eco-friendly certificates.

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