Trendy 2015 african designer clothes

Linda Fiamanya is a Ghanaian-born Australian artist who has a affection for abandoned colours. Growing up in Sydney, Linda capital to ally the two cultures that she’s lived in calm and what bigger way to do it than through her adulation of handbags. Coconsa is a active and beginning new ambit of artist handbags that combines the quirkiness of acceptable West African (Ghanaian) fabrics with abreast abstracts giving ardent appearance lovers that fun, flirty, chic and arbitrary feel. Anniversary architecture is alone crafted ensuring the character of the styles. They endeavour to accord anniversary chump the befalling to be in the spotlight because their absolute accumulating guarantees the aberration of their ambit of products. All their handbags are fabricated in Australia and across application accurate West African fabrics such as Ankara, kente or lace, accumulated with 100% 18-carat leather. Peep added pictures beneath and analysis them out on Facebook here.