Trendy Short Haircuts for 2015

Blunt cutting is taking over from the ubiquitous tapered tips, at least for ladies with fine to medium textured hair! The choppy, layered bob has moved up the pecking order to be of the must-have best short haircuts! For 2015 bobs, the layers & fringe will be blunt cut across the hair to make the ends look as bulky as feasible & �thicken� the look of the fine & medium hair.
The bob cut is changing quickly & the best short haircuts for 2015 feature several new twists on the short bob to keep your picture fresh & contemporary!

The new trend forblunt-cutting is great news for fine or medium-textured hair.And symmetrical curly bobs (adding volume to fine straight hair) will join the sleek asymmetrical bob as of the best short haircuts for 2015, !
Best short haircuts for 2015 � sleek �sliced� bobs

of the best short haircuts for 2015 � in case you have thick or coarse hair � will be a straight bob with �sliced layers�. Sliced layers reduce the thickness at the finish of layers on coarse hair & encourage it to lay flatter without the frizz that can be a controversy with thick hair types

A chin-length layered bob for 2015 will have a straight-across fringe, cut to a length that flatters the individual wearer�s face. So you could opt for a deep fringe that ends halfway between the front hairline & the eye-brows, in case you need to keep away from �shortening� the length of your face.

On the other hand, a full long fringe, that touches the ends of your eyelashes, will help to balance a long face. For the full contemporary effect, the slices ought to be styled towards the face & lightly defined with wax to generate a stylish �broken� texture.