How to Turn Long-Sleeve Shirts into Dresses

There is a proverb which says �Necessity is the sister of invention�. Well Stylish Eve followers, everytime you need a brand spanking new dress and possibly can�t afford it, why not raid your partner�s or boyfriend�s closet and get seriously inventive yourself? It always amazes us at Stylish Eve how clever and resourceful so plenty of of you are. They love the simplicity of these great ideas for dresses, as they don�t involve any complicated sewing or chopping bits off here and there. We�re sure even your other half will be happy knowing that one time you have completed together with your new dress, they can get his shirt or tee back still in piece. Isn�t it great to think that every of his tees and shirts is a potentially new dress waiting to be work by you? And if your man is anything like most of them, they will have shirts and tees of all sorts of different designs and colors.

We have written a earlier post about this great trend and they are delighted to be able to give you a great choice of different ideas on the same theme.

What got us excited here at Stylish Eve was the fact that where historicallyin the past the idea had been limited to long-sleeved shirts, now you can accomplish a great result with a plain and simple tee. You will also see from our examples that there is over style of dress that can be created from either a tee or a long-sleeved shirt.

They are confident that there’s some additional ways of using a shirt as a dress that they havenâ��t included here. Thatâ��s where our great Stylish Eve followers like you come in â�� see what you can come up with and send us in your ideas to share with everyone.