African Woman Fashion Trends 2015

The short hair is definitely something that most females can try out this year. It is so simple to maintain since does not need to constantly dish out money on visiting salons. In case you did not know, hair does take lots of money. There’s some females who even finish up spending over Shs100,000 every week on their hair. So in case you are the kind that desires to slush expenses this year, basically rock your short hair.
In the earlier year, there’s been numerous scenarios where females have been sighted with either excessively completed or mismatching make up. Such females have been sighted mostly at social functions in the coursework of the night. There’s often tendencies of finding with much lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, foundation or even powder itself. Therefore, as they start the new year, ladies, let us try not to see a number of these fashion spoilers. Basically apply what is on your face. In case you cannot do this, receive a mate to do it for you.