Amazing American Hairstyle You Must Try

In case you need to add a small oomph to your uninteresting topknot, try adding a small volume on the loose topknot like Vanessa Hudgens. The best part about this laid-back hairstyle is it can be worn anywhere � to parties, out with friends or even to the gym! To generate it, you collect your hair in to a ponytail on top of your head. Loosely secure with a band. Wrap hair around the loose band & secure with another band for a tight, yet messy look & voilà: a cold look that not very takes any additional time at all.

Need some hair inspiration for the summers? From a messy bun à la Selena Gomez�s to an ideal tousled updo like Julianne Hough�s, we�ve picked out the0 most attractive messy updo�s for you to try at home. So, go ahead & give it a whirl � they dare you!
Is there anything more cute & stylish than bangs & messy bun? Of work not! & that�s exactly why they absolutely fell in love with Zooey Deschanel�s cute updo. The messy high bun adds some sass & fun to the look, while the fringed bangs give this style a burst of coolness & energy. Needless to say, this look works wonders in every situation it�s worn � whether it�s a casual day out with the ladies or a formal event where dressing sharp is key.