Best Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Try a stylish long fringe cut to sweep across the face from an asymmetrical side parting. By choosing an asymmetrical parting, you will break up the narrow symmetry of a long face & make of the focal points draw the eye outwards, giving the impression of a wider face.
Amongst the latest trends, you have a amazing choice of suitable styles including the short bob cuts & the popular pixie cut. The short shag is definitely of the winners in this year�s popularity stakes & it�s ideal for adding side volume with a stylish, short hairstyle for a long face.

In case you prefer a sleek, smooth style you can have that, ! Select a chin-length bob that�s smoothly styled on the top, add a long bowed asymmetrical fringe & gently back-comb the sides to add a pleasant touch of width.

Only a few people have a superbly oval face, so hairstyling is often used to balance out the face & make it closer to the oval ideal.Here�s some advice on how to flatter a long/narrow face, using the latest short hairstyles.

Why not take a glance at our latest Inspiration Gallery of short hairstyles for long faces & see exactly how your current cut can be changed to a more flattering shape!

Want a spiffy, easy-care but contemporary look, but not definite which will be the best of the short hairstyles? For long faces, there’s plenty of brilliant short haircuts that are designed to flatter!

This is a very successful way to diminish the length & then you need added shape, volume or highlighting at the sides to generate the visual illusion of width at cheekbone level.

For long faces, the main rule is keeping the verticalfocus on the centre of the face, that is from the eyes to chin-level, but no longer.

There’s several ways to do all of this & have a super-trendy hairstyle for long faces, ! For example, fringes are a great way to cover up the brow & â��shortenâ�� your face shape.

On fine or narrow hair that lacks natural volume, the layered bob or pixie are always flattering & by fluffing out or curling the sides, you can add the width that will balance out the length of your face very effectively.

Choppy layers & uneven lengths with very ragged-looking tips are a powerful trend, , giving a futuristic unconventional look.

of the best retro-styles to add width is the short bob with flicked-up sides. & by adding lighter balayage colour accents or highlights to accentuate the sides, you can make your hair appear even thicker at that point.