Colorful Lamps Designed Like Balloons

This accumulating of bright lamps advised like balloons is alleged “Memory” for a simple acumen – if you see it you will bethink to adolescence memories. The “Memory” accumulating of lamps is advised by Boris Klimek and the lamps are looks like absolute balloons. Because of that bright airship designs, the accumulating bethink us to our childhood.

“Memory” accumulating of bright lamps advised like balloons accomplish an interesting, antic and artistic atmosphere at home, abnormally if there are amalgamate several altered colors and sizes of airship lamps.

The accumulating accommodate three altered sizes and nine altered colors of the lamps: orange, yellow, white, gray, red, ablaze pink, azure dejected and angel green. And aggregate of several of altered sizes and colors of the lamps will accomplish fresh, antic and bright atmosphere. In that way you can accomplish the adapted aggregate of lamps – balloons for any allowance in the house. So, if you wish to animate “memories”from childhood, application bright lamps advised like balloons is the appropriate way.

Look beneath the designs and some edited apartment with these lamps and feel the antic and artistic atmosphere!! Stay child, although you are adult!!