Easy Everyday Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Step 1: Hold all you hair aback as top as accessible in a ponytail (Pic. 1).

Step 2: Next as you are putting on the elastic band, do not yield all the hair breadth out of it. At the end leave some hair abaft in a way that they are folded. (Pic 2)

Step 3: Repeat the aforementioned while putting the elastic bandage additional time. Afterwards this footfall your hair is bankrupt twice. (Pic 3)

Step 4: You can leave any hair which is larboard for a blowzy attending or anxiously cull them central the band. The final attending is apparent in Pic 4.

For a apple-pie updo, afterwards captivation the hair up, accumulate agee them. The hair would cycle annular as you aberration it. At the end, put a elastic bandage and your accurate updo is done! (Pic 5)