Incredible Woman Looks to Try 2015

Are you prepared to say bye to the hot summer days? They know that it is impossible for you to give up form the clothing in layers, but that does not mean you can�t be fashionable in autumn. They are already in the beginning of September, & the days when I�ll officially say welcome of the autumn, are counting down. However, they think that the autumn fashions trend is yet to come, & you can still enjoy to the hot days. You can pick & wear the key pieces of clothing that guarantee comfort.

L�Oreal Paris released an innovative app called Makeup Genius, a free �magic mirror� for iPhone & iPad that lets you see the way you would appear in different eye shadows, blushes, & other beautifiers without actually applying the products.

The app takes a sophisticated scan of your face with the device�s front-facing camera, digitally paints on your selected product, & then reflects all of your movements, exactly portraying what you would look like in different cosmetics, from different angles, in actual time.

(If you�re having trouble imagining it: You know the way Google�s video chat app Hangouts lets you wear a hat or a mask that stays on your head as you bob around? Think of that, but with the precision necessary to imitate realistic eyeliner.)