styles Ankara bomber jacket for women

The Ankara fabric has become a form of pin pointing Nigerians, it has become how we are recognized by the world. As young millennials we grew up with the idea that the Ankara fabric was ours, however there were certain forms of restrictions placed on the fabric.
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Ankara styles or Aso ebi styles for men

Men usually say that we women gossip more than they do, but I really doubt because I’ve come in contact with men who gossip a lot. Men are also fond of saying that we ladies love fashion so much such that we make them late to most occasions. The funny thing about such a statement is that they will always be the first to admire another lady in that party, forgetting how many hours this lady they have tagged more gorgeous than their bae, has spent in putting her pieces together.
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beautiful aso ebi gallery outfit looks

As a fashion girl it’s very important that we see and understand the meaning of beauty. It’s also very important that we allow our eyes to peruse exciting and new things. As a fashion girl one of the things you should note is that the styles you feed with your eyes are what stimulates you to be able to create your own masterpiece.
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Nigeria gele styles in pictures for women

It’s not quite clear where the custom originated in Africa, but a gele is a cultural must-have accessory across Africa, particularly in Nigeria where it is called a gele. With a resurgence in African pride in recent years, the head wrap has become stylish among African communities across the world.
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the perfect african wedding dress for guest

It isn’t solely the bride or her maids who needs to look nice at weddings. Let’s face it ladies, the right outfit for a wedding guest is timeless as there would be so many photo footage of the wedding that will probably be eternally, so you don’t want to put on something that may look hopelessly dated in a few years.

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