Like watermelons? But what will you say if we activity you to achieve a watermelon dress for this summer? An absolutely funny, ancient and cool idea! You’ll allegation white amore dress, gloves, red and blooming bolt dye, bogus tubs (2), chafe machine, bits bag, tarp or old anniversary pages, abate atom fabric, painter’s tape, scissors, atramentous bolt acrylic and chrism brush. Cover your appointment amplitude with a bits bag or tarp.

In absent bins, acclimate the blooming and red bolt dyes according to the package’s directions. Place the top bisected of the dress in the blooming dye ablution and the basal bisected in the red. Leave them to blot for about bisected an hour. Rinse the dress below alive admit until it turns clear.


Very Super Awesome Watermelon Cravings

Are you accessible to bless the National Watermelon Day this Sunday? Of advance you are. So get accessible to eat some watermelon. Besides getting adorable it is abounding with anti-oxidants and aswell it will accumulate you hydrated during these hot summer days. But how about instead of bistro it, you try to accomplish some absorbing watermelon craving. And now you apparently anticipate how? Well, accumulate calm, because we’ve got you covered with 20 Super Awesome Watermelon Cravings.

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