Amazing Aso Ebi on instagram over the weekend

some of the amazing Aso Ebi we saw on instagram over the weekend.

We hope you like them. Tell us which is your favorite?

This aso ebi deep V back lace iro and buba style is paired with a black aso-oke Gele, black twisted bead necklace finished off with black pumps with bow details.
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Ankara Fabric designs for all women

ankara is known as the African fabric all over the world. In the past the Ankara fabric was limited to simple blouse and rapper or iro and buba or any other style that was termed native. These days the Ankara fabric has transitioned, there are so many style options to choose from, the Ankara fabric is no longer limited to simple native designs.

Fashion designers can never get tired of finding new ways to improve Ankara designs. From Ankara jackets to Ankara pant suits and many more, fashion designers have definitely opened the doors to various creative styles and designs using the Ankara fabric. Below are some fabulous designs that would inspire your next Ankara style.
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How to Wear Latest Anakara and Lace

more Dose Of Aso ebi Styles From The Asoebi Police Featuring Anakara and Lace

As you know FPN would always bring you the latest aso ebi styles and trends to inspire you. Here are some more of the styles we think totally killed it over the weekend.

We hope you like them as there are so many aso ebi styles that would knock your socks off

#1. This Aso ebi style
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latest aso-ebi outfits styles for every woman

Look 2: This styles is part of the top aso ebi styles trending this year, every woman wants to have crisscross peplum blouse sewn, with little difference. Our fan rocks hers with a six piece floor length matching lace skirt, gold accessories, a cerulean blue head gear (gele) and a silver purse embellished with glitters.
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